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Play Renegade Campaign and Multiplayer on Windows 10

Step 1: Download & Install Renegade

You can now buy a digital copy of all 12 Command & Conquer games from the EA App. If you have a physical copy of Renegade already, skip this step.

More information on which C&C games have been officially been released as freeware can be found here.

Purchase the Ultimate Collection via EA App 

Step 2: Install the latest Patch

The Tiberian Technologies patch is the most popular community update for Renegade. It contains many bug fixes and makes the game compatible with the latest versions of Windows. 

Download and install the patch from this link: Tiberian Technologies Patch

Step 3: Play Single Player

You are now able to launch the game and play Renegade in single player!

Step 4: Play Multiplayer

Join via the In-game Lobby System

With the latest version of the Tiberian Technologies patch installed, you will be able to access game servers via the in-game lobby system.

You can do this by clicking "Multiplayer Internet" on the main menu, followed by "GameSpy".

From here you can join a server from the list:

W3D Hub Launcher

W3D Hub is a community dedicated to keeping C&C Renegade compatible with modern operating systems and developing mods for the game.

The W3D Hub launcher is an all-in-one solution for finding Renegade multiplayer servers and mods. Download and install it using the link below:

Download the W3D Hub Launcher

Once the W3D Hub launcher has been installed, follow the instructions below.

  • Run the W3D Hub Launcher
  • Click the "Games" tab in the menu bar
  • Click C&C Renegade in the left menu
  • If the launcher hasn't found your Game automatically, click "Import" and browse to "Game.exe". This is found where Renegade is installed (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games" or "C:\Westwood\Renegade")
  • To configure settings of the Physical version of the game, click the Game Settings option in the launcher and configure the settings.
    • To configure the Origin version of the game, find WWConfig.exe in the game install folder and configure the settings using the application.

Now you are ready to play multiplayer! To look for online games, go to the Server Browser tab and click the Join Server button next to the server that you want to join:


Known Issues

This section is for known compatibility issues that affect C&C Renegade.

Renegade has visual issues when running with an un-capped framerate, to fix this, make sure that vsync is enabled in the game settings.

If Renegade is installed via Origin, you will be unable to apply your game settings using the W3D Hub Launcher. Use WWConfig.exe, found in the game install folder instead.

Need help?

Visit the W3D Hub Discord Server or Support Forums.