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For many, Command & Conquer is considered the landmark title which originally defined and popularised the real-time strategy genre. It was only later that it would become known to fans as "Tiberian Dawn".

Follow our simple how to play guide in order to experience the original campaigns in their full glory or dive straight into multiplayer via CnCNet.

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"Your efforts have landed us here my faithful friend. The Temple is complete, and we are about to embark upon our greatest exploit." - Kane

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Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

After a decade of work, Kilkakon is finally ready to release his massive storyline-centered total conversion mod for Tiberian Dawn, named "Dawn of Tomorrow".It features tons of new units, structures and terrain, and a story line replacing the normal campaigns, which features a complete custom-made world map for mission selection, and animated briefing cutscenes between the missions.