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C&C Remastered
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Developed alongside the C&C Community, the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Delivers 4K Graphics, Rebuilt Multiplayer, Enhanced UI, the Completely Remastered Legendary Soundtrack by Frank Klepacki and more.

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Find the elite in our new C&C Remastered Leaderboards for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert.


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We’re excited to announce that the C&C Community website is hosting a C&C Anniversary Giveaway for everyone to take part in. Prizes will be given away EVERY day during the event. Anyone can win a prize regardless of their skill level! The event will start on the 24th September (6pm BST) and will end on the 27th September (6pm BST).

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C&C Community is an ongoing project that aims to improve the accessibility of the Command & Conquer the franchise and celebrate the tireless efforts of the wider communities that keep the games alive with mods, video content, streams and compatibility patches for moderns operating systems.

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