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GenPatcher Explanation & Tutorial Video

GenPatcher Explanation & Tutorial Video

GenPatcher is the best tool to use when you want to play Zero Hour on Windows 10 and 11, but what is GenPatcher? This video will explain everything you need to know about GenPatcher, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to use its many features to get the most out of Zero Hour on newer systems.

GenPatcher 2.0 Released

GenPatcher 2.0 Released

After a successful first version, GenPatcher 2.0 has finally arrived. As before, this tool streamlines the installation, patching and configuring process for C&C Generals and Zero Hour on modern systems, implementing multiple fixes at once and tackling pretty much all known causes for problems in setting the game up. This new version, which had been in beta since November 2021 and downloaded by 3000 users, introduces new fixes and also incorporates optional downloads such as GenTool, ExiLe's Control Bar Pro, GenLauncher for mods, Leikeze's hotkey preset, Adriane's modified Worldbuilder, and over 100 maps. Whether you're playing alone, casually with friends or competitively, this tool is an absolute must have. It comes in online downloader and full offline bundle versions, so you can even plan offline LAN parties like in the good old days. Full information and downloads are available on the author's website, Legi.cc.

Kane''s Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster - New Update Available!

Kane''s Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster - New Update Available!

One vision, one purpose! Masterleafcnc and the staff from Kane's Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster has been working hard these days and they have just released what could be its final version. Kane's Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster strives to improve the quality of the assets of Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath to look as best as possible in high screen resolutions like 4K. However, to use it, you'll need a video card with 4GB of RAM or more. The Kane's Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster had one goal, to make the game as good-looking as possible. With a painstaking amount of work done it's available for all to download. It comes in two versions: Standard or Alternate and is compatible with C&C Online multiplayer and includes bonus features for those with 1.02+ R18 map packs installed. Note: Some of the features are only available by using the 1.02+ R18 Map Packs, found on the Command Post app, which can be found here: Cgf-uploads.net (It also serves as a mirror for this). No installation guide is necessary, the installer takes care of everything. If you are curious about Kane's Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster, visit the Official Website to obtain further information about it. And that's all regarding Kane's Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Kane's Wrath 4K Add-On Remaster!

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