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Releasing only a year later that Command & Conquer, Red Alert is the game that introduced the world to Tesla Coils, Chronospheres, Agent Tanya and the iconic Hell March. The game saw two expansions in Counterstrike and The Aftermath which were combined and ported to the Playstation as C&C Retaliation. 

Follow our simple how to play guide in order to experience the original campaigns in their full glory or dive straight into multiplayer via CnCNet.

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"He who controls the past, commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past." - Kane

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Red Alert News

Discover the latest Red Alert news from around the C&C community. Including patches, maps, mods and much more!

Dawn of the Tiberium Age: Version 1.20 Release!

Dawn of the Tiberium Age: Version 1.20 Release!

Dawn of the Tiberium Age, a Tiberian Sun mod based on the combination of TD & RA units within the Tiberian Sun engine, saw the release of its latest build v1.20 introducing a major rebalancing of it's Nod faction. You can download the standalone mod @ or checkout some of the Developer's discussions on the day of it's release @

OpenRA Playtest 20201213 Released

OpenRA Playtest 20201213 Released

Just in time for the Holidays, OpenRA has released its latest version - Playtest 20201213! This latest release adds a slew of new features, including some new options for game lobbies and Discord integration, the latter which allows invites and game lobby sharing. The developers also share a short update on what else is coming in the future for OpenRA - such as full support for Remastered Collection assets and a feature-complete Tiberian Sun mod. You can read the full update here.