C&C Remastered Leaderboard Updates

We've been busy working on some new features, including top 1000 rankings, the ability to search for players and more.

Posted 6 months ago
by Grant
0 minute read
C&C Remastered Leaderboard Updates

It's been a few weeks since we released a web based version of the C&C Remastered Leaderboard.

Since then we've been busy adding new features. 

  • Top 1000 player rankings as opposed to showing the top 200
  • Ability to search for players (for top 1000 only)
  • Added new player profiles, showing recent games they've participated in.

You can find the Tiberian Dawn Remastered Leaderboard here, and the Red Alert Remastered Leaderboard by clicking here.

If you want to leave some feedback or would like to suggest some ideas, feel free to join our website discord.